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FINDING AND REFERRAL of primary care practitioners to serve California, in rural and urban areas, is a perennial challenge.

HealthCare Resources Center is a response to this challenge, matching medical professionals to full-time jobs at clinics, hospitals and other healthcare facilities throughout California with emphasis in shortage areas.
HCRC.net was created as an alternative to costly and frequently unsuccessful recruitment of primary care physicians, mental health residents, physician assistants, nurse practitioner students, dentists, pharmacists, and nurses. Its creation is a critical development at a time when shortages of primary care physicians and nurses reduce access to care for rural and urban Californians.

Our Founder was a key participant in a highly successful California government program that placed medical professionals. When funding for the state program was discontinued in 2002, we adapted it into an even more efficient service.

With real-time access to a readily available pool of primary care practitioners, HCRC.net is a cost-efficient, targeted alternative to finding the perfect match to meet the needs of healthcare clinics and medical facilities.